Bedtime Ritual Gift Pack


Turn off the screens & rest your eyes. Use these natural remedies to encourage your body and mind to slow down for some deep rest. Suitable for kids and adults.



We all know the importance of getting the best sleep. It’s important for healing, detoxifying and rejuvenating. What and when we eat, our hormones, digestion, light exposure etc, all influence our sleep. Create your own simple bedtime aromatherapy rituals, to help set yourself up for a better nights rest.
Sweet Dreams Room Spray is full of essential oils that have traditionally been used for inducing sleep and promoting dreaming. Once you’re ready to go to bed, simply spray your bedroom and breathe in the relaxing oils. Train your mind that those oils represent time to switch off.
Sleepy Time Roll On is a soft and gentle aromatic blend, that inspires rest and calm. Perfect for both kids and adults, to get into a habit of scent recognition, that this smell means that it’s time to stop and rest. The potent essential oils are all natural relaxants.

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