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Honour your inner goddess and inspire a deeper connection to yourself, to become a better version of you.



Taking time for yourself is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. You feel better, and that reflects upon the people around you. As lovely as they are, it doesn’t need to be long soaks in the bath, or hours at a day spa. It’s the daily things we can do that all add up, so that we become a better version of ourself.
Embrace You Room Spray is a sweet and spicy blend full of aromatherapy benefits, to uplift, and bring in a feeling of calm and balance. This can be used at home, at work, or at yoga, whenever you feel the need to stop,  take a breath and reconnect with yourself.
Embrace You Roll On is a quick and subtle way of using aromatherapy in all situations, where you need to embrace your inner stillness. It’s also a nice perfume to wear on a daily basis as a reminder to stay true to yourself.
Gorgeous Me Body Oil is made to use everyday as an all over body moisturiser. The oils soak in, leaving you with a soft glow to your skin, not heavy or greasy. The aromatherapy blend is very feminine. Full of rose, with a hint of vanilla like benzoin, which is a skin protectant, and some cardamom and bergamot, to both calm and uplift.
Passion Essential Oil is for the oil burner. Use this blend in the evening, or even throughout the day, to bring in stillness, balance and calm.


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