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My love of nature, the environment and travel, has inspired me to create this range of essential oil blends”

From beauty therapy to essential oils.

Hello! I’m Jody, the head creator of Instil. I began my career in beauty therapy with the desire to help others with their skin, and from here I continued my studies in various styles of massage and aromatherapy.

This evolved to co-owning a day spa to working as a spa product trainer for an exclusive brand, travelling extensively to day spas and resorts all around the world. From here, I began studying Cosmetic Chemistry to understand how products were made. Combining my love of scent, and having seen and felt the impact it can have on our everyday lives, I have created a range of products based on what nature provides – beautiful essential oils.

Fragrance travel
Fragrance travel

Other than making essential oil blends, the other thing I love is travel. My passion for oils has taken me from rose festivals in Grasse in France, where the streets have rose oil being pumped out of air vents, to Southern India, where fields of lemongrass and cardamom scent the air.

Giving back feels good.

I also have a love of animals and spending time in nature.
Instil chooses to be ‘palm oil free’, and supports Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo, Malaysia, a place for orphaned orang-utans. Here we sponsor an orangutan called Canyon. Having visited the centre twice, we have personally seen the amazing care and rescue work they do.
We also sponsor a rescued donkey called Amos, at the Tongala Donkey Shelter in rural Victoria. They look after over 200 abused, rescued and abandoned donkeys. It is a very small, not for profit organisation that cares so much for these animals.

Simple changes and rituals can have impacts on our daily living.

By using aromatherapy, it can make us feel better, it can change our mood, make us more uplifted or more relaxed, and it can simply remind us to breathe and be mindful. This can then have a bigger impact on the people around us. Our family can feel the benefits from us behaving in a more relaxed way, thus making them feel more relaxed.  Or when we’re at work, or even at school, we can use aromatherapy as a tool to help us feel more focused or stimulated, especially when the mid afternoon slump hits us!

Fragrance travel
Fragrance travel

Creating essential oil blends that enliven & inspire change.

I love creating essential oil blends that enliven and inspire change.

This can be in the form of enhancing our wellness by using oils when we have a particular purpose. For example, if we’re having family or friends around, you may wish to use an oil blend that’s more uplifting, made for connecting or expressing. Or if you’re planning on having some quiet time to yourself, you could use a blend that’s more delicate, called wisdom. Or, if the house smells like a wet dog, then you’d use a blend called freshen up!

“Aromatherapy has been a valid tool for health for thousands of year, its even been tried and tested by ancient Egyptians. From the simple act of using essential oils, your life will change for the better, I’m sure of it!” – Jody Wood

Ethical Australian handmade products.
100% Pure & Natural. Palm oil free. Respect Earth. Respect You.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – GANDHI

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