The happiness recipe book & Balance room spray


Honouring your own uniqueness, is the road to real & lasting healthy happiness. Create balance & change by connecting to who you truely are.

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This combination of The happiness recipe book and Balance room spray, can inspire heart felt connection and change.

The Happiness Recipe invites you to explore and come to know your authentic self. Leave judgments behind and reveal the truth of who you are, so that you can thrive happily in your life – on the surface and also down deep! You are not broken and you do not need fixing! You may however need some knowing, and in the book you’ll be guided to do exactly that and use this knowing to implement powerful changes. You’ll know your Happiness Recipe and can use it to satisfyingly guide the rest of your life.

Balance room spray is the combination of 20 essential oils, all of which are carefully selected to work on your energy centres in and around your body, to bring you back into balance. Each of the essential oils used in the wellness range of oils, have come together, to become this magical balancing combination. It takes you to a place within, where you can access your own divine wisdom, to cultivate your soul deep happiness.


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