Personal Customised Blend Collection


Includes your customised:

  • Essential oil – 10 ml;
  • Roll on – 10 ml;
  • Room spray – 100 ml; and
  • Custom label.




Should you get a customised blend?

Some people have chosen to have their own blend created for when they have a lot of change going on in their life, or if they’re wanting to create a new habit, or release an old one, and are using the scent as a reminder to think differently.
Or, just because they want something new and fun.

How is a blend customised for me?

Years of experience working with essential oils, combined an intuitive blending style and the information you provide, brings your customised blend to life.
Time is spent selecting the oils, blending them, adding and subtracting to get the botanical alchemy perfect. Once a blend is created, it needs time to mature, or as we like to call it-mingle and play. From here, we write up about your blend, with a personalised description about why each oil was selected.

The process

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a questionnaire by email (this is a bit like a consultation), to understand what your intention is for the blend, and to get to know you. Lots of time and care is put into your customised blend, so please allow 2-4 weeks for this process.

Additional information

Weight .28 kg


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