Journey Gift Pack


Stay calm, and feel rejuvenated wherever you may be on your journey.



This pack was created to make travelling a little easier!
Long flights, hotel rooms that are stagnant and devoid of fresh air, and often crowds of people can take their toll on the body, plus, its nice to know your hands are clean before you eat!
Balance Room Spray can be sprayed in your accommodation , to shift the energy that remains from all of the previous occupants, making it feel fresh and comfortable for you. It’s also nice to spray over your body, to bring in a feeling of balance.
Well Travelled Roll On is easily applied on the wrists, to bring you aromatherapy oils that have been used for nausea and travel sickness for years, to make you feel calm and settled.
Instant Hand Sanitiser kills 99.99% of germs. This anti-bacterial spray contains 70% ethanol, which is very effective at killing germs. It’s combined with Australian lemon myrtle essential oil, for its antiseptic properties, and also aloe vera, to soothe the skin. Perfect for on the plane, or at when you’re out and about. No sticky residue!

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